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Exposure ages
Erosion rates

Paper describing the calculation methods (corrected proof, Feb. 12 2008): PDF

This paper is intended to serve as referenceable documentation for exposure ages and erosion rates calculated here. For basic information about the inner workings, goals, assumptions, and limitations of the calculators, read this first.

Supporting data and documentation:

MATLAB function reference (revised November 14, 2007): PDF HTML

Geological calibration data set: Excel spreadsheet

Plots comparing the various scaling schemes: HTML

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FAQ, known problems, and debugging history: Look here first if you have questions or problems.
Description of how to compute nuclide concentrations from isotope ratio measurements: PDF HTML
This document gives instructions on how to a) reduce the isotope ratios actually reported by an AMS lab to the nuclide concentrations in quartz that are required for the exposure age/erosion rate calculators, and b) account for carrier and process blank uncertainty.
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