The Mutilation of Uranus by Cronus. Georgio Vasari and Cristofano Gherardi, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, c. 1560.

The online calculators formerly known as the CRONUS-Earth online calculators (*):

Current stable versions: These reflect the calculation methods and calibration data described in a 2008 paper with numerous updates. Use these unless you have a particular reason to use the developmental or archived versions.

For some context about the various versions, see this.

Calculate topographic shielding

The newer version 3 family is stable for He-3 in pyroxene and olivine, Be-10 in quartz, and Al-26 in quartz. Development continues for He-3, C-14, and Ne-21 in quartz.

He-3, Be-10, C-14, Ne-21, and Al-26 - Version 3:

Calculate exposure ages
Calculate erosion rates
Production rate calibration

The current stable version for the version 2 family, for exposure age and erosion rate calculations, is 2.3. However, note that the version 2 calculators are basically obsolete at this point. If you haven't switched to using version 3, plan to do so soon.

Be-10 and Al-26 - Version 2.3:

Calculate exposure ages
Calculate surface erosion rates
Production rate calibration has been discontinued for version 2.3. Use v3 instead.
Instructions and documentation

Developmental versions: These versions are in active development, are very likely to contain errors, may not work at all, and may be offline for changes at any time. On the other hand, they might have more features than the stable versions. They appear on a separate page.

Archived versions: These have been superseded by the current stable version, but they are archived here so that calculations done in the past can be reproduced. They appear on a separate page.

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