"The online erosion rate calculator formerly known as the CRONUS-Earth online erosion rate calculator:"

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For calculating the surface erosion rate, given that the erosion rate has been constant long enough for the surface nuclide concentration to reach production-decay-erosion equilibrium.

Version 3 input form.

March, 2017.

Written by Greg Balco, balcs@bgc.org

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This is the developmental version 3 data entry form. Should also accept version 2 input.

Information about the version 3 input format: Link

Note that the version 3 input format is the same for exposure age and erosion rate. That is, you have to enter a dummy value for the erosion rate, which is ignored. Version 2 has different input formats for age and erosion.

Currently this is mainly to test the version 3 I/O as well as the fast LSDn implementation. However, there are no known bugs at present and it should give the correct answer.

This has not been extensively tested. If you encounter an error or a failure, please email me the data that you entered and a description of the problem. Thanks.

Sample data entry:

Enter data block here.