The Mutilation of Uranus by Cronus. Georgio Vasari and Cristofano Gherardi, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, c. 1560.

The online exposure age and erosion rate calculators formerly known as the CRONUS-Earth online exposure age and erosion rate calculators*:

Archived versions

Archived versions: These have been superseded by new and improved versions, usually because something about these versions is now known to be wrong. They are archived here so that calculations that used them in the past can be reproduced. Although the idea is that they should continue to function as they did at the time they were current, that is not guaranteed. These versions will not be updated or developed further. Current and up-to-date versions appear on the main index page.

10Be - 26Al -- Version 2.2

in use from March, 2009 to July, 2016:
Calculate exposure ages (2008 calibration data set)
Calculate exposure ages (other calibration data sets)
Calculate surface erosion rates (2008 calibration data set)
"In the cloud since 2006"

Contact: Greg Balco, U. of Washington

Initial development of this website was supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation via the CRONUS-Earth project.
Currently it is hosted by the Cosmogenic Nuclide Lab, University of Washington,
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