Geographic browsing interface for the ICE-D Antarctica database

About the Samples:

The interactive map shows locations of samples collected in Antarctica for purposes of cosmogenic-nuclide exposure dating, from the ICE-D Antarctica database.

Two important notes about the sample locations:

1) Many sample locations are drawn from published papers and not from direct field measurements. Imprecision, rounding, and publication or transcription errors are likely. If you have specific knowledge of sample location errors, contact Greg Balco.

2) In areas of steep terrain, orthorectification of high-resolution imagery may not precisely coregister imagery and sample locations.

How the Map Works:

Numbered colored symbols collate samples located in close proximity to each other; the number denotes how many samples in the cluster.

Samples are grouped into sites, which typically correspond to a single nunatak or other landform. At minimum zoom, displayed clusters correspond to sites. With increasing zoom, clusters will change dynamically so as to display all samples in their true locations; at full zoom each sample will display at its precise coordinates.

Clicking on an individual sample location pops up links to view sample and site data in a new window.

Other browse interfaces:

Browse by site

Browse by publication


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Samples from ICE-D:ANTARCTICA database

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